a vague sense of presence

COLECTIVO 「大音量コンピューター」

A vague sense of presence is a symbiosis between individual sounds and its encompassing aural field.

Each of the composers followed the path they desired, culminating in a work that reflects its particularities and likenesses. By linking all the parts, the path converged into a single point, a center.

As a collective, the parts make up the whole. The individuality, although present and symbolized by each one of the speakers, is diluted. In the implied volume created by the structure, a space of communion and contemplation emerges, surrounded by sound.

Each composition is generative, as well as the transitions between themselves. Using a probabilistic system and the intrinsic internal compatibility of the unique elements of each composition, the complete work is composed.

COLECTIVO 「大音量コンピューター」 (loud volume computer) is a multidisciplinary collective that focuses on death after life as a perpetuator of art making and friendship acquiring.

We embrace a multimedia approach to our works, but not exclusively in a digital sense of the term.

Taking inspiration from the Japanese concept of ichi-go ichi-e ( 一期一会 ), we remind ourselves of the fleeting nature of everything, appreciating each connection and gathering we take part in.

We are bound by vibration and perception.